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We supply world-leading manufacturers and users of CNC grinding machines and grinding wheels for precision working. These machines place exceptionally high demands on grinding quills, and for decades we at Håmex have produced grinding quills that easily meet these tough demands. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.


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A perfect result requires a grinding quill of extraordinary quality

Håmex has manufactured the markets best grinding quills for more than 40 years. That is why today we supply world-leading producers and users of CNC grinding machines and grinding wheels for precision working.
In the past, grinding quills were just an extension, usually made of steel with moderate demands on precision. The accuracy depended on the person doing the grinding. Even with simple tools, a trained professional can achieve an impressive result.

Essential requirements

Professionals have been replaced by automatic grinding machines. Even the grinding material itself has changed. Today’s grinding wheels for precision working are made of boron nitride which requires higher grinding pressures that its tungsten carbide predecessors. A perfect result requires a grinding quill of extraordinary qualityIn line with these developments, the grinding quill has become an increasingly important part in the final accuracy of the end product. Essential requirements are:

  • Rigidity to withstand high pressures.
  • Perfect feedback to handle high speeds of up to 200,000 rpm.


The whole is the sum of its parts

These requirements apply not only to the spindle, but also to the mounting on the machine and attachment for the grinding wheel. It all works together as a unit and the result depends on the combined properties of all the parts. To achieve a surface roughness within 6–8 µm on the final product, the runout of the quill must be within 2–3 µm, provided that the machine and grinding wheel are of the highest quality. The grinding quill has also recently become a tool for solving a grinding problem. With the help of different grades of tungsten carbide and steel, the quill’s properties can be tailored to a specific task. The same goes for the shape of the quill. An increasingly common function is channels for coolant through the quill.

Håmex measures up

All in all, this puts exceptional demands on manufacturers of grinding quills. For example, having resources for working with minimal tolerances in different materials, knowledge of combining tungsten carbide and steel and having resources for precision control of each individual grinding quill.

Add to that that the quill is a part of a customer-specific solution, combined to different makes of both grinding wheels and machines. Over the years, Håmex has produced grinding quills for world-leading brands.

Regardless of the requirements and make, Håmex is the manufacturer that measures up. Both in the form of its first class grinding quills and its flexible production. In this way, our customers can always keep promise to the end consumer: Grinding with the highest possible efficiency and precision.

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