About Hamex

Hamex Precision Tools have been specialists in customised precision tools for 60 years, and today we have customers all over the world. Whatever solution or specialised tool you need, we will make it – thanks to our unique production technology, accuracy and experience. Contact us, and we can have a non-binding discussion.

Quality and Environment

Quality Policy

Hamex Precision Tools manufactures and sells products of such high quality that customer’s requirements, laws and regulations are met. The customer’s need for high quality is the concern of all our employees. Improving our quality system is a constant activity for all our employees.

Delivery reliability and close co-operation with the customer are key competitive factors.

Our quality system meets all the requirements of international standards SS-EN ISO 9001:2015.

Download our ISO certificate: ISO 9001:2015

Work Environment Policy

Hamex Precision Tools actively builds and develops the work environment in partnership with its employees. We always work to create a safe and stimulating work environment, characterized by respect for and trust in each individual. Our view is that a good working environment is a means of competition that promotes both the company and its employees.


Application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Hamex Precision Tools works actively with GDPR!

The main aim of the new regulations is in part to strengthen protections for customers/consumers, employees and suppliers personal data. It also enables those who hold this sort of information to be held accountable for any non-compliance. It also sets a uniform level within the EU for both data protection and punishments for any non-compliance.

Protecting your personal data has always been an important part of our core values at Hamex Precision Tools. That is why most of the requirements in these regulations have already been part of our policy for many years.

The main challenge facing Hamex Precision Tools is therefore to strengthen our pre-existing internal processes as well as that the new requirements are integrated into our data policy.

Hamex Precision Tools works actively to implement all necessary measures in line with the new regulations to ensure that your personal data is used in a transparent and secure way.


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