We at Hamex have been specialists in precision tools for over five decades, and today we have customers all over the world. Whatever specialised solution or tool you need, we will make it for you. Tell us what you are looking for – our production technology, accuracy and experience will give you what you need.

1. Inquiries

Send us your inquiries. Once we’ve reached an agreement, we’ll send you an offer. Send inquiries to info@hamex.se.

2. Orders

After we have received your order by telephone and/or email, we will plan manufacturing and send you an order confirmation. Send orders to info@hamex.se.

3. Manufacturing

Manufacturing takes place according to agreed specifications. There may be special customer requirements or manufacturing according to ISO standards.

4. Quality Control

The product is verified according to the specifications.

5. Packaging

The product is packed up in shock absorbing packaging, and we offer plastic-free packaging if you want it.

6. Transport

Shipping is chosen with regards to your wishes or depending on the destination. We deliver to Sweden, the EU and to most countries outside of Europe.

7. Customs

Customs documents are drawn up for deliveries outside of Sweden, customs duties are included on your invoice.

8. Invoices

Invoices are sent by post or email.

9. Payment method

Invoices are paid according to the agreed payment method in the offer.


How can I help?

Don’t hesitate, put us to the test. Start by getting in contact with me.

Anders Karlsson
Site Manager

Anders Karlsson - Hamex Precision Tools