Subcontract Manufacturing

Contact us if you need a partner you can discuss design needs, end-customer needs or the final details of your product with. We will help you get the last things in place if, for example, that concerns grinding, threading, or tolerances so that, together, we can complete a product.


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Anders Karlsson
Site Manager

Anders Karlsson - Håmex Precision Tools

Cylindrical Grinding

Flexible customer solutions

Håmex has many years of experience and is a specialist in precision grinding. We manufacture and refine products for customers across the world. Our methods use advanced CNC grinding machines, but also manual grinding by our experienced grinding specialists.

Studer S-40 CNC
ø 350×1000

Studer S-20 CNC
ø 200×400

Studer S-30
Several ø 350×700 to ø 250×1000

+ Customer specific solutions with a short turn-around time.

+ Help with breakdowna – Fast orders.

+ Capacity and manpower adjusted as needed..

+ Long and short series. Single piece manufacturing.

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EDM – precision manufacturing down to 1µm.

DIE-Sinking EDM of complex shapes like punches and dies are our speciality. Single piece manufacturing or small series. Manufacturing is adjusted to the customer’s needs. Contact us for consultation and offers.

Agiecut Vertex 2

Agiecut Challenge 2

Wire cutters
Agietron Exact 2
Agietron 100C
Agiemat EMT 10

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Tool grinding

Precision subcontract grinding

Precision grinding is the core of Håmex’s business. We perform subcontract grinding for everything from single piece to medium series. Contact us for consultation and offers.

Thread grinding

Thread grinding of special profiles, differently sided thread profiles in tungsten carbide is our speciality. We have years of experience in thread grinding and we manufacture thread ground products out of tungsten carbide and steel on a daily basis.

+ Gauges

+ Special profiles

+ Tungsten carbide for wear resistance

Jig grinding

Hauser jig grinding machines with high accuracy are used in the plant. We produce jig ground products from steel and tungsten carbide every day.

+ Specialised products

+ Tungsten carbide and/or steel

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