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Tools for Nail Manufacturing

Our 60 years of experience in producing tungsten carbide nailing tools has taught us a lot about the different machine manufacturers and we have met most of the challenges in precision manufacturing over the years. This means that we will most likely find a solution together with you, no matter how complex it may seem. Contact us, and we can have a non-binding discussion.

Grinding Quills

We supply world-leading manufacturers and users of CNC grinding machines and grinding wheels for precision working. These machines place exceptionally high demands on grinding quills, and for decades we at Hamex have produced grinding quills that easily meet these tough demands. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.

Subcontract Manufacturing

Contact us if you need a partner you can discuss design needs, end-customer needs or the final details of your product with. We will help you get the last things in place if, for example, that concerns grinding, threading, or tolerances so that, together, we can complete a product.


Hamex produces a wide range of customised tools, such as precision tools, measuring tools, cutting and punching tools. Manufacturing is done either according to your specifications or in a co-operative fashion where we create production drawings together. Contact us and we’ll tell you more about our tool manufacturing.


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